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Mon 1 - Thu 4 April 2019 Genoa, Italy
François-René Rideau

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Name:François-René Rideau

I will study your problem domain and distill its essence in a domain-specific language; around this language I can then design, implement and evolve radically simple solutions that are robust and maintainable, secure and efficient. I enjoy getting my hands dirty, but first I want to understand where we are going. I will pick the low-hanging fruits first, but as part of a plan to pick all marginally affordable fruits. I will use sound theory to achieve massive practical gains — and avoid predictable pitfalls. Many development teams have a narrow horizon that leads them to code bloat and bad quality, with diminishing returns and accumulated technical debt. Our team will keep a broad horizon to maintain a sustainable development environment. Many teams are blinded by focus on hardware devices and software artefacts and end up sacrificing the ends to the means; our team will include user experience and developer experience in our designs, and optimize the interactions that matter.

Country:United States
Personal website: http://fare.tunes.org


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