‹Programming› 2019
Mon 1 - Thu 4 April 2019 Genoa, Italy

Please note: this workshop is canceled.

Software developers and those involved with programming have long observed that certain patterns recur and endure across different applications and systems. The growing interest in Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns, Analysis Patterns, Pedagogical Patterns, Agile Patterns, and so on, represents an effort to catalog and better communicate knowledge, providing handbooks of proven solutions to common problems.

Highlights include group discussions on patterns, an introduction to pattern writing, an international keynote, and writers’ workshops. This MiniPLoP at ‹Programming› 2019 has the goal to help beginners learn more about the pattern community.

Patterns are a systematic way to capture the experience of experts about good designs or best practices and document these nuggets of wisdom in an accessible way for peers. Patterns and pattern languages are used in several design and engineering disciplines. A pattern describes and reasons about a relationship between a certain context, a problem and its solution in that context. The problem is discussed in terms of conflicting forces. The solution is illustrated by its general structure, examples and instructions how to generate it. Patterns also capture the consequences of their applications. Pattern languages connect patterns to a larger whole.

Call for Patterns (CANCELED)

Please note: we had to cancel this workshop due to a low number of submissions. We apologizes for any inconvenience.

If you have some patterns or pattern ideas you would like to have brainstormed or workshopped contact the organizers at: christian.kohls@th-koeln.de

You can submit short papers with 2-3 patterns as well. Each paper will be discussed in a Writer’s Workshop session during the MiniPLoP workshop.

Write patterns now! - Patterns are a great way of getting a new view on things that you think you know by heart. - Patterns are a way to pass on your knowledge to others in an easily understandable way. - Patterns make your thoughts available to others to give you feedback.

If you are not familiar with the pattern style of writing, please download our introductory information pack (hosted on Hillside Europe’s page): http://hillside.net/europlop/europlop2012/pattern_introduction_pack2012.zip