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Mon 1 - Thu 4 April 2019 Genova, Italy

We are delighted to announce the following keynote speakers:

Lars Bak, Toitware, Denmark


Turning IoT Devices into Robust and Safe Computers


Small IoT devices are inherently brittle to program due to lack of memory protection, limited resources, and only a thin layer of operating system support. A runtime memory access error will, at best, make your IoT device crash and reboot. We believe this makes them unattractive to programmers and therefore stifles IoT innovation. We have designed Toit, a new software platform that turns IoT devices into ‘real’ robust computers: easy to program, safe execution environment, flexible, upgradable, and recoverable. This talk will first discuss why we had to implement a new programming language and then how Toit makes IoT devices accessible to high-level programmers. Finally, we will demonstrate how Toit can orchestrate a fleet of devices.